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"Congratulations once again, Jack!

Just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed Seminar last Sunday. A great choice of play and cast -- lots of meaty content with plenty of twists and turns, well performed and -- of course -- well directed, as we all expect from you. You keep raising the bar for yourself!


Looking forward to the next one from New Stuff Productions!"

– John


"NewStuff Productions comedy ‘Seminar’ at the 2nd Story Theater In Hermosa Beach is a raw, powerful production that spares no one. Critics will eat you alive in the world of the arts. After digesting and peeling away the layers, it’s a brilliant piece of writing. ‘Seminar’ is a lesson in real life and the actors perform their roles with raw emotion, crisp comic timing and enormous talent."

– J. Anderson, Easy Reader News


“Bravos for NewStuff's debut production of 'Seminar,' a whip-smart, literary comedy that makes you think even as it makes you roar with laughter. A quintet of crackling good actors bring the intelligent and hilarious script to life under Jack Messenger's snappy and sure-handed direction. "Seminar" is not to be missed and there's only one weekend left. Highly recommended.”

– P. Buxton, Venice


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